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Dr Quinn Medicine Woman

Welcome to the world of Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Jane Seymour plays Dr Michaela "Mike" Quinn, a pioneer doctor raising three orphaned children in the wild west. Dr Quinn is the only qualified doctor in the whole community of Colorado Springs which brings it's own kind of trouble and bigotry, in a small town that doesn't take kindly to progress.

Michaela Quinn grew up in the refined society of Boston, but eager to make a difference, she heads out west to set up her own practice and so the adventure begins.

Strong willed and not afraid to break the frontier town's unwritten 'rules', Dr 'Mike' embarks on a life that brings her into conflict with just about everyone. From the town biggots to General Custer, they all experience the impact of an encounter with Dr Quinn.

Most people have read real 'page turner' books in their life that they just couldn't put down, well Dr Quinn Medicine Woman is a real' episode turner' if you like. You can't wait for the next one, to see how the unfolding story turns out. We ride an emotional rollercoaster that pulls on our heart strings evey time we watch it, you will probably laugh, probably cry as you get to know the charactors and become immersed in this great family favourite.


Jayne Seymour.......Dr Michaela 'Mike' Quinn...(149 episodes, 1993-1998)
Shawn Toovey........Brian Cooper...(148 episodes, 1993-1998)
Chad Allen...............Matthew Cooper...(147 episodes, 1993-1998)
Orson Bean.............Loren Bray...(146 episodes, 1993-1998)
Joe Lando...............Byron Sully...(143 episodes, 1993-1998)
Jim Knobeloch.......Jake Slicker...(129 episodes, 1993-1998)
William Shockley...Hank Lawson...(122 episodes, 1993-1998)
Frank Collison........Horace Bing...(119 episodes, 1993-1998)
Geoffrey Lower......Rev Timothy Johnson...(113 episodes, 1993-1998)
Henry G Sanders...Robert E...(108 episodes, 1993-1998)
Jonelle Allen........... Grace...(106 episodes, 1993-1998)
Barbara Babcock....Dorothy Jennings...(101 episodes, 1993-1998)
Larry Sellers...........Cloud Dancing...(76 episodes, 1993-1998)
Helene Udy.............Myra Bing...(75 episodes, 1993-1997)
Erika Flores............Coleen Cooper...(early series)
Jessica Bowman.....Coleen Cooper Cook...(65 episodes, 1995-1998)


Series One:
all 17 episodes including the series pilot
Series Two: all 26 episodes
Series Three: all 25 episodes
Series Four: all 28 episodes
Series Five: all 25 episodes
Series Six: all 22

Main Charactor photos:


Dr Michaela 'Mike' Quinn is the central charactor. The new comer agent for change in the set in their ways town of Colarado Springs. Dr Quinn is played by British actress Jayne Seymour.


Sulley is the main love interest and local hero, but the path to true love rarely runs smooth for him and Michaela. Sulley is never flavour of the month in town, mainly because of his Cheyenne connection. Sulley is played by Joe Lando.


Mathew Cooper is the oldest of Dr Quinn's adopted children. He is a hard worker and has dreams of settling down with Ingrid, a European immigrant. Although his heart is in the right place, Matthew can be head strong and sometimes makes unwise choices to solve his problems. Matthew is played by Chadd Allen.


Coleen is a sweet caring girl, sister of Matthew and Brian and another one of Dr Quinn's adopted children. Coleen goes through many things and emotions that young girls go through, like crushes, and rejection, but she is also a strong influence in times of trouble. Often she will be at Dr 'Mike's' side assistng in medical situations and is well capable of administering first aid alone when the situation arises. Coleen is played by
Erika Flores and later by Jessica Bowman.


Brian is the youngest of Dr Quinn's adopted children. He is a typical boy but he is a thinker, and shows maturity, and at times great charactor in the way he deals with situations. He has a certain charm and finds an unlikely ally in the habitually grumpy Mr Bray the store owner. Brian is played by Shawn Toovey.


Loren Bray is the sour owner of the local store. He has been in the town forever and is part of the local 'unwritten law enforcement' clique. Loren has a mischievous streak and revels in people's misfortune as he looks on from his' superior' viewpoint. He is one of the town bigots. Saying that, there is an occasionally seen softer side to him and he does watch over Brian at times and interacts in a grandfatherly way towards him.

Loren Bray is played by Orson Bean


Jake Slicker is the local barber/quack. His nose was put out of joint by the arrival in town of Dr Quinn, a proper doctor. Jake is another one of the town bigots and is always ready for a hanging. He is prejudist against coloured people, native American indians and women. Jake had a rough start in life which causes his bitterness to rise up on occasion. Jake finds it hard to do the right thing in situations, preferring to hold punishment as the first option for any transgressions.
Jake Slicker is played by
Jim Knobeloch.


Hank Lawson is the town saloon and brothel owner. He is the third of of the town bigots. When Hank, Jake and Loren get together, they are a dangerous trio. Hank would love to see the first hanging in the town. He is another one who delights in other people's misfortunes and always tries to exert his selfish influence on the town. Hank is played by William Shockley.


Horace Bing is the nice guy of the town. Horace runs the local telegraph office so is privvy to all the communications to and from the town. His love interest is Myra, one of Hanks working girls. Horace would like to marry Myra but she is locked into a contract that Hank is unwilling to release her from. Horace is played by Frank Collison.


Myra is Hanks favourite working girl. Her and Hank seem to have a strange relationship considering the circumstances. Myra is loyal to Hank but dreams of a very differen life, free from her situation and released to marry and settle down. She has a sweet nature despite all she has to endure. Myra is played by Helene Udy.


Robert E is the town blacksmith. His generation had experienced slavery. Although he is a 'free' man, he still experiences the prejudice in the town and has to keep his peace in this transitional time after the civil war. His love interest is Grace, who is buiding up a cafe business in the town. Robert E is played by Henry G Sanders.


Grace has also come out of slavery and is trying to make her way in life by establishing a cafe. Her meatloaf is one of her specialities. Grace, having got her freedom, will not easily stand by and let anyone put her down, Not afraid to stand up for herself, Grace can be fiesty and very single minded at times. Grace and Robert E together make a good team. Grace is played by Jonelle Allen.


Rev Timothy Johnson is the town pastor. Although he should be one of the strongest people in the town, he is a bit of a drip. Where he ought to stand up against injustice, he partakes in some of it, such as prejudice against race. He occasionally gets challenged by situations which cause him to make the right choices in the end. Rev Timothy Johnson is played by Geophrey Lower.


Cloud Dancing is a local Cheyenne Indian. He and his tribe are forced to live on a reservation not far from the town. With the expansion of the settlers, the indians are getting a very raw deal and this comes through in Dr the Quinn stories. Renegade dog soldiers regularly cause trouble for Cloud Dancing and his people. Sully and Cloud Dancing are great loyal friends which can cause problems from both camps. Cloud Dancing is played by larry Sellers.


Ingrid is an imigrant from Europe who lives with the migrants in the makeshift camp on the outskirts of town. She also endures persecution from the town bigots and struggles along with her people to be accepted. Matthew Cooper comes to her rescue and a romance ensues. Ingrid is played by Jennifer Youngs.


Wolf is Sully's wolf! He is always at Sully's side and is loyal and reliable in times of trouble. Wolf was played by Chaz/ Cody.



The Homestead was built by Sully for him and his late wife. He rented it to Dr 'Mike' and she moved in with her adopted family.


This is Jake's barber shop come occasional quacks practice. It is one of the hubs of the town where people come to meet, gossip, plan trouble and also get a hair cut and shave!


This is Grace's pride and joy, the cafe. It always seems to be full and is open all year round even though it is out doors. Her cooking is legendary especially her pies and meatloaf.


This used to be a hotel but the owner left town and boarded it up. It took a step of faith for Dr 'Mike' to persue it for her practice, but she went for it and prevailed. It is right in the centre of town so always handy for the many medical crisies that occur.


The town church is situated in the meadow on the edge of town. It is the scene of some key weddings, some controversy and some times doubles as a meeting place to discuss town business. It is pastored by Rev Timothy Johnson.